Friday, 24 August 2012

Blue Magic Is Back! Blue is A Color Shows Up Almost In Every Season

When I saw the fashion film "The Devil Wears Prada", I really don't know the difference between turquoise and lapis. In fact, I even can't distinguish the baby blue and cerulean blue. Maybe the devil Miranda Priestly should teach me something, other than Andy. But this time, I will share some excellent blue designs with you, because the blue homecoming dresses in summer can really make us feel calm down. What's more, I have one important homecoming night to attend one month later. The proper homecoming gowns for me is really important.

Blue is A Color Shows Up Almost In Every Season
-says Keylee Sanders, stylist and a regular commentator on E!.
It is almost a fail-safe color. You can rarely go wrong with blue. This showcase i list in my page contains various kinds of different blue Strapless Homecoming Dresses in long or short. The gowns you are searching for may be in it.

Every Shadow of Blue Evokes a Feeling
Wearing blue can stir a variety of other sentiments
As we all know that there are many shadows of blue in the world. Some of them often appear in our real life. From indigo to powder blue, navy blue to cobalt, every blue evokes a feeling. That may be why Tiffany & Co, chose blue for its iconic boxes. When we see that lighter shade of blue, we immediately think of romance and luxury.

And also according to the suvey, "A muted, pastel blue is really calming and serene," while a bold royal blue really livens me up. Aquamarine tones make me think of holidays, beautiful crystal-clear waters and summertime." Sanders, founder of the Style Studio, says, "Strong, bright, royal blue makes me feel the '80s. Navy blue, one of my favorite colors, makes me think of classic, regal, almost royal qualities."

Blue Make Up Styles
"If you have pale skin and dark hair, stay away from pale baby blue," says Sanders. For the fairer damsels among us, Banks-Coloma suggests vibrant blues. "They look especially great on blondes," says Banks-Coloma, whose clients include Amber Heard, Brittany Snow and Kristin Chenoweth. "And, if you have blue eyes, even better!"

If your skin tones tend to be darker, avoid lighter shades of blue. "If you have a warm complexion, pastel blues can make you look a little washed-out, so stick to a more vivid shade of blue," says Banks-Coloma, "Bold blues with purple tones work really well on olive or black skin."

Blue Magic Is Back!
Blue is a color, that, in some shade, shows up every season. Some women like me love this safe color, for it is almost impossible for us to make some mistakes in some important occasions. For example, when i attend some splendid wedding ceremony as one of them important wedding guests or when i attend some big homecoming & formal events i often afraid that my style is going to be wrong.

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