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Your Style, Your Homecoming Dresses, Your Day

Your Style, Your Homecoming Dresses, Your Day Traditional. Simple. Formal. Casual. Elegant. Over-the-top. The possibilities are infinite. Today more than ever weddings are about personal style rather than simply following "the rules". And that is reflected in everything from the ceremony and cake to the entertainment and food. But let's get real it really is all about the Homecoming Dresses.
The Homecoming Dresses!
When selecting your wedding gown there are a number of items to keep in mind; your body, your coloring, and your personality.
Your Shape - the best cut and fabric to flatter your body.
What is your best asset? Your sleek upper body? Your small waist? Your bountiful bottom? Whichever it is, flaunt it and make it scream!
If you love your:
? Neck, collarbone, back, arms, or d├ęcolletage (chest) area - Fitted and open is your motto. Styles that show off your upper body such as halter, spaghetti strap, strapless, or one shoulder - basically any style with an open neckline or back - will do the trick. If you are narrow on the bottom...anything goes, yes even mermaid style. If you are fuller on the bottom avoid pleats and any style with gather fabric at your waist, hips and thighs. A-line or full skirts are best.
? Bust - there are two paths, full or small. If you have a full chest, open up your neckline and show off your shoulders. Halter, v-neck or sweetheart neckline are great. Just be sure that the girls are covered and contained. You don't want to lose one out on the dance floor! As for the skirt, keep it narrow, so you have balance - you don't want to be big on the top and the bottom. If you are small chested a halter, one shoulder or straight across strapless work effortlessly.
? Small waist - styles that fit through the rib cage and waist are best. A fuller skirt such as an A-line will even make your waist appear smaller. A sash, ribbon, or embellished belt at your waist adds greater drama and effect.
Petite or Plus?
? Petite - A-line lengthens your body making you appear taller. Open necklines and hair-up add to the illusion of a longer, taller frame. Be sure your skirt isn't too full as that could throw off proportions and make you appear bottom heavy.
? Plus - A-line or empire are great, as they conceal fuller waists and hips. And girls show some skin. Open necklines pull the eye up and create balance. Please don't wear a tent. You will actually look better in a fitted gown. If you want more coverage add a sheer shawl. It will skim and drape your frame while allowing your sexy, silhouette to peek through.
Fabric & Fit:
? Stiffer fabrics hold shape and mask imperfection.
? Flowing sheer fabrics - can be stunning if you are long and lean. The idea here is soft and flowing, not clingy or tight.
? Details and embellishment draws the eye. So make it work it work for you - bring attention to your assets with beading, lace or other accents. Be creative and show your personal style. How about a cluster of vintage pins on the bodice of a simple a-line or empire waist gown? Or a large fabric peony-esque flower on the bodice of a strapless gown, very Carrie Bradshaw-ish.
? Fit is CRITICAL. Make sure you have a number of fitting, especially a few days before the wedding. For me, I lost weight and we had trouble keeping my Homecoming Dresses from falling off me. So we attached Velcro on the bodice of my corset bra and on the inside of my gown. This way I could dance the night away without worrying about losing my top!
? Undergarments - the right ones will smooth and sculpt you luscious bod! Please use them. They will transform you!
Your Color - the tone/shade that compliments your skin
? There are many shades of white from bright white to ivory.
? If you are fair skinned, bright white is too harsh for your skin. Opt for a darker/softer shade instead.
? If you have darker skin you can wear any shade of white.
? And ladies, think about...blush, beige or champagne. They can be stunning!
Your Personality - the Homecoming Dresses should reflect your personal style
? Be true to you. If your typically conservative and a deep plunging neckline would not be in your safe zone...don't do it on your wedding day. You want to feel amazing not self conscious.
Everything Else
Hair & Makeup
? Do a dry run! Please, with your headpieces! Make sure you bring photos/ideas of what you like as well as what you don't, so your stylist understands the look you are going for. Once you have your desired look take lots of detailed notes and photos. Be sure to get all angles of your hair and close-ups of your makeup, especially your eyes. This will give your hair and make-up stylists a virtual cheat sheet of what was created and replicating it will be a snap. This will alleviate a lot of stress for you on your special day.
? If you want to look taller, thinner and longer wear your hair up.
? There are so many beautiful hair accessories, but my favorite is the Hydrangea flower clips by Tasha, $38.00 at They come in white, purple, pale pink, fuchsia or light blue. Try a soft chignon with two clips across the top. It's an explosion of petals...OH so soft and girly!, shoes...
? Jewelry - there are so many options today. Jewelry is another element of your ensemble that really is a reflection of you and your style. Classic is simple pearls. But today with fashion jewelry being everywhere and extremely in style you can opt for more dramatic and non-classic options. The key to jewelry is focus on one element as the wow piece, such a necklace. Then have the other pieces such as earrings, bracelet and/or rings be its compliment. You don't want to look like a little girl playing Homecoming Dresses-up in your mother's jewelry box.
? Shoes - most brides wear floor length gowns, so don't worry so much about your shoes...The only time anyone will see them is if you do the garter thing. I recommend simple, pretty but most importantly, comfortable. It is a long day for uncomfortable shoes. Oh and do wear them around the house before the wedding to break them in, it will make a huge difference.
The best advice I can give you is to try on as many Pink Homecoming Dresses you can! All styles, cuts and fabrics. Go outside your safe zone; try on...try on...try on. You will find the "this is it!" Homecoming Dresses, I promise.

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