Friday, 31 August 2012

Take a Look at These Dressing Gown Guides

Dressing Gown Guide The dressing gown goes by many names. You may know it as the humble bathrobe and druids of old probably saw it as a long robe. Although they were probably constructed slightly differently for outdoor use and probably differed in materials used to make one. Because they are used primarily after a bath, the materials used to construct one are usually some form of absorbent fabric. Among the best fabrics that absorb moisture is cotton. However, the can also be found in luxurious silk, wool and for inexpensive types, nylon. There have been a few periods where the dressing gown really took off in terms of popularity.
The nineteen fifties is one such period. Hollywood was the vehicle that increased its screen time in the many popular films produced during that period. Following the great depression, women's clothing came to be seen as extremely feminine. The nineteen fifties saw the end of the frugality of the depression era and luxury and spending was gaining momentum. After the austerity of the war, women craved luxury in the form of clothes, fabrics and leisure pursuits. Movie theaters were easier to access and women were enthralled with Hollywood fashion that celebrated the hour glass figures and the clothes that accentuated these shapes.

Since intimate scenes of kissing and passion were frowned upon on the big screen, the sight of a woman in a dressing gown with a leading man often indicated that a passionate encounter had taken place or was about to take place. The glamor that the dressing gown represents has much to do with Hollywood as it became synonymous via film for being the epitome of all things sensual, glamorous and luxurious. Many celebrities have a liking for being photographed in a dressing gown. It makes the photographs look glamorous linking it to a time when glamor and luxury went hand-in-hand. Many celebrities have appeared on stage wearing a dressing gown whilst performing numbers on their tours.
Perhaps the combination of the practicality of warmth and elegant femininity is the predominant factor in choosing these for their on-stage numbers. There are also models, actresses as well as singers who have chosen to wear dressing gowns off the stage. Dressing gowns keep costumes from being dirty in between routines and many popular singers have been seen wearing them. The dressing gown has evolved and many lovely gowns fit for the red carpet have been designed from them. They showcase the shape of the wearer and impart a sense of revived elegance and sensuality.
Although the gowns share similarities, the elegance, fit and feminine appeal the gown ooze, sets the designs apart. It harks back to the glamor-filled days of the nineteen fifties and sixties when showcasing your wealth, style and status was a bit over the top but nonetheless expected of Hollywood screen legends. They epitomized the allure of the Hollywood life and the lifestyles of the rich and famous as well as the carefree way of life of movie stars. Yellow Homecoming Dresses may not be for everyone but its revival has certainly been welcomed by many who want to experience the life of beauty and the sense of feminine allure.

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